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Karel Řehka
Since March 20, 2020

Karel Rehka photo

Karel Řehka has long been engaged with military information operations and hybrid warfare. He was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in the Czech Army.

  • Graduated from the Military High School in Opava and the Military University of the Ground Forces in Vyškov
  • Completed a year-long officer course in the United Kingdom
  • Completed a Ranger course in the United States
  • Participated in military missions in the Balkans and Afghanistan
  • Served in the 601st Special Forces Group and became its commanding officer in 2010
  • Served as the Head of the Special Forces Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic since November 2014
  • Served as Deputy Commander of the Multinational Division Northeast
  • Married with two children

Deputy Directors:

  • Jaroslav Šmíd - Information Security Division
  • Věra Vojáčková - Legal and Administrative Division
  • Lukáš Kintr - National Cyber and Security Center Division